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The Most Accurate
Launch Monitor 
In Your Pocket

Coming in 2024



Precision meets convenience with our AI-powered launch monitor. Utilizing advanced AI models and harnessing the capabilities of your iPhone's Camera and LiDAR sensors, we provide accurate shot metrics that rival professional-grade launch monitors on the market.



Elevate your practice sessions with engaging games designed to sharpen your skills and keep you motivated. From target-based challenges to skill-building exercises, LiPAR GOLF offers a variety of games to suit every golfer's preferences and skill level.

Live Launch Monitor App
Interactive Games and Skills Tests
Live Competitions and Leaderboards



Compete in real-time against friends, fellow golfers, or even professional players from around the world. Our live challenges feature brings the excitement of competitive golf directly to your device, allowing you to test your skills and prove your prowess on the virtual green.


At LiPAR GOLF, we're passionate about using technology to enhance the golfing experience. Founded by avid golfers and tech enthusiasts from MIT, our team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of virtual golf.


With a deep understanding of both the sport and the latest advancements in AI and sensor technology, we're committed to providing golfers with tools that empower them to reach new heights in their game.


Our AI models are the heart of LiPAR GOLF, driving unparalleled accuracy and reliability in shot prediction. Through rigorous testing and refinement, we've fine-tuned our models to deliver results that rival even the most sophisticated launch monitors on the market. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro, you can trust LiPAR GOLF to provide the insights you need to improve your game and achieve your goals.

Experience the Future of Golf with LiPAR GOLF - Join our Beta Club for Early Access.

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